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Embroidered Tie Dye Sarong in Purple/Yellow
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Embroidered Sarong in Pink
Half Sarong / Mini Sarong Pareo in White FRINGELESS
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Welcome to FairWinds Sarongs

FairWinds Sarongs - Your home for stunning, vibrant sarongs, apparel and fashionable complementing accessories. Keeping up-to-date with the latest fashions can be quite exhausting and expensive. Just think of the many different types of items in your wardrobe - dresses, skirts, blouses, and scarves.

There is one solution which is simple, provides fashionable versatility, and is very economical - a sarong. A sarong easily makes you stand out from the crowd, and is a statement about your fashion consciousness and who you are. Furthermore, a sarong is extremely versatile in that you can wear it in numerous ways (e.g., skirt, halter dress, head wrap, scarf) that enable you to extend your wardrobe without spending more.

It is not uncommon to hear someone who has worn a sarong for the first time to say something like:"I never realized how flattering sarongs are - everyone kept admiring me. And they're so versatile and comfortable that I can use them for so many different occasions - everything from a bikini wrap for a beach party to a coordinating skirt under my business jacket for an office meeting!"

Whether you're strolling on a tropical beach, dining out at a fashionable restaurant, or merely relaxing at home, you can express who you are by choosing from our broad selection of colors and styles - from cool, dignified chic to vibrant, exploding color.

Thanks for visiting us. We look forward to serving you.