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Beach Fashion: Wearing Floppy Sun Hats

When a summer fashion piece doubles as a functional accessory, it's cause to celebrate. Floppy sun hats are so much more than a style; they're also great protection from the burning rays of the sun. Learn how to incorporate them into your beach attire and you'll be fashionably protected all summer long.

Choosing the Right Floppy Sun Hat

You might wonder what type of bathing suit best accompanies your hat. Should you go with a retro suit? Will a modern take on swimsuit fashion pair well with your hat? If you go to the beach frequently, you probably already have a collection of swimwear. Appraise what you already own to identify your style.

Perhaps your swimsuits are very tailored and sleek. In that case, look for sun hats in tightly woven straw. Embellishments like large flowers or a solid wide ribbon around the base of the hat are smart ways to add personality without taking away from your unique style.

On the other hand, you might be the type who likes cute swimsuits with fun touches like polka dots and bows. Again, straw hats look great, but add some flair with bow details on your hat as well.

If you're completely casual, a floppy sun hat made of colorful canvas will be a great way to accessorize your beachwear while keeping your face and neck protected from the sun.

When it comes to color, don't feel like your hat must match your bathing suit. While a matching hat gives a cohesive look to your swimming attire, one that contrasts in a dramatic way is sure to stand out. Dark colors are sophisticated, but they can also draw a lot of heat. They're not the best choices on very hot days, but they can look elegant when the sky is more overcast. Fortunately, sun hats tend to be lighter in color. White and beige are always in, but gold is a surprising choice that will look amazing with a gold bathing suit. Besides basic solid shades, look for striped and polka dotted versions.

If you're having trouble keeping your hat on due to beach breezes, look for one with a scarf or slim ties attached that you fasten beneath your chin. Add a large pair of glamorous sunglasses and your day at the beach can be just as fashionable as it is fun.

For the ultimate in portability, look for floppy sun hats that fold easily. Many hats are specifically designed to conveniently roll up and fit into a handbag, tote or suitcase. They hold their shape and bounce back into being a hat with ease. This makes them ideal to take on a long vacation or even a weekend getaway.

Hats that not only shield you from the sun but add a stylish dimension to your beach wardrobe should be considered a fashion essential. carries just the right styles for anyone who wants to look chic and fabulous while taking in the sun and scenery at the beach.

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