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Best Vacation Spots: East Coast

Recently we have been discussing some of our favorite summer vacation spots. From  Hawaii to San Francisco, we have covered our favorite spots in the Western United States. Now, we are going to move east and highlight some of our favorite spots on the East Coast. Many times the East Coast is overlooked when it comes to [...]

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Best Vacation Spots: West Coast

In our most recent blog, we discussed some of the many different reasons why Hawaii is one of our all-time favorite summer vacation spots. While we think a vacation in Hawaii is definitely worth the money, it can end up being a fairly pricey vacation. So, we have decided to highlight some of our other favorite vacation [...]

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Why Choose Hawaii for YOur Next Summer Vacation?

Are you itching to take a nice, long summer vacation but are not sure about where to go? With so many different beautiful places in the world, it can be difficult to narrow down your vacation destination to one spot. In one of our previous blogs, we discussed some of the most popular spring break destinations, [...]

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How to Choose the Right Sunscreen

In our most recent blog, we discussed how to properly treat a sunburn so it doesn't ruin your entire summer vacation. While these tips may help after the fact, the best way to prevent a sunburn from ruining your next vacation is to avoid getting a sunburn altogether. Your list of vacation essentials should not only [...]

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Don't Let a Sunburn Ruin Your Next Tropical Vacation

You are just hours away from hopping on a plane and heading to a tropical paradise for the next week. We know you have all of your vacation essentials like your favorite fashion sarongs, your flip flops, and your sun protection necessities, however, we also know that there is still a chance you could suffer from [...]

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Bold Summer Colors to Add to Your Wardrobe

Summer fashion is all about being bold and taking chances. From the colors to the style, summer is the perfect time to experiment with your wardrobe. At FairWinds Sarongs, we are all about summer fashion and standing out from the crowd. Our high end sarongs are anything but ordinary and with so many different styles and [...]

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Summer Sun Protection Essentials

With your upcoming tropical vacation just around the corner, we know that you are getting prepared for those lazy days spent on the beach. While everyone loves coming back from vacation with a new golden, bronze tan, it is important to also protect yourself from the sun while you are on vacation. Skin cancer is the [...]

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Our Favorite Spring Break Vacation Destinations

After all of this talk about spring fashion, how to wear one of our high end sarongs, and about what to pack for your next tropical vacation, we have been itching to go on our own tropical getaway. Then we started thinking, where are this year’s best spring break vacation spots? Well, we did some research and [...]

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Spring Fashion Tips for Our Guys Out There

In our most recent blogs, we have been discussing Spring. Spring break, spring fashion, and the hottest spring hairstyles, it is obvious that spring fever has definitely made its way to the team here at FairWinds Sarongs. However, some of our readers have mentioned that, although we have shared some great fashion tips for women, [...]

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Keep Your Sarong Secure with a Unique and Stylish Sarong Tie

Recently in our blog, we discussed the many different and fun ways you could wear your sarong. From a beautiful dress to a cute and casual romper, there are a multitude of ways to wear one of our beautiful sarongs. Whether you are wearing one of our tie dye sarongs or a classic black sarong, there [...]

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