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Budgeting Tips to Help You Save for Your Next Vacation

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It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you don’t have enough money to take a much needed vacation. However, taking a vacation doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. We understand that saving money can be difficult, especially if you don't know where to start, but we can help. We’ve looked around and we’ve found that USA Today had some pretty helpful tips for saving money and budgeting for your next dream vacation.

Choose and Research Your Destination

sarongs-for-women-helping-you-dress-for-any-occasion-5.jpgThis is the fun part of planning a vacation and this should probably be your first step. After all, you can’t know how much money you will need until you know where you are going and what you plan on doing. When you are doing research on your vacation destination, it is always helpful to be as thorough as possible. USA Today notes that it is worthwhile to look into things such as the average cab fare, what kind of activities you want to do and how much they cost, as well as if tipping is customary. These are somewhat minor details but, when it comes to finances, it is better to be well prepared than to be caught off guard. You can find travel guides and tourism sites that can give you a pretty solid estimate of what you’ll need for a trip.

Utilize Budget Tracking Tools

What would we do without technology, right? Our world revolves around it and now you can even use technology to help you stick to a budget. USA Today recommends that you utilize budget tracking tools such as the smartphone app, Mint. This app helps you keep track of your expenses and gives you a snapshot of your spending so you can easily stay on track and stick to your budget. That way, in no time, you will have plenty of money saved up for your next dream getaway.

Save Everyday

Does your daily routine involve a morning Starbucks run? What about your favorite fitness class at the gym? While these seemingly insignificant extra expenses may not seem to have a big impact on your finances, an extra $5 a day can add up fast. Think about it, an extra $5 a day during the workweek is an extra $25 a week. Roughly, that adds up to about an extra $100 month just spent on coffee! Still think that morning latte isn’t taking away from your vacation fund? When you are trying to save money, every little penny counts more than you think. But be sure to work one of our tie dye sarongs into your budget! It’s the perfect vacation accessory.