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The Many Ways to Use Your Sarong Ties

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The sarong is a summer staple. It is the go-to beach wrap for fashionistas of any age. It turns into a skirt or a summer dress.

Find out how to use your sarong ties in more ways than one!

dress with a sleight of hand and stylish sarong ties to hold it in place. Pull it off, shake it and spread on the sand for an eye-catching daydreaming blanket.

This versatility means that the sarong will find many uses when you travel. It can be fashioned as a cover-up when visiting places that require a little more modesty. For instance, many temples and places of worship require that visitors’ legs should be properly garbed, and never mind the humidity. Use your sarong for this purpose, or wear it as head cover if local custom dictates. Keep a set of sarong ties handy to secure the various incarnations of your sarong.

Where accommodations are Spartan rather than luxe, use your sarong as an extra sheet, light blanket or pillow cover. When camping, roll the sarong into bolster pillow for a perfect stargazing cushion. When the munchies strike, use the sarong as a picnic blanket.

Hang it as a privacy curtain where changing stalls are unavailable. In a similar way, use sarong ties to suspend it from tree branches to create an instant canopy when you’re outdoors. Or in a pinch, the sarong can also be fashioned into an instant bag with the help of a couple of sarong ties. With all the ways a sarong can be useful when you’re traveling, why leave home without it?