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Tips for Travel Etiquette

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Recently, we have been talking a lot about traveling. Summer is big for traveling and we are sure that, if you haven't already gone on a vacation, you probably have one coming up. While traveling and exploring new places around the world can be exciting, it can also be stressful. However, stress is the last thing you want to feel while you are on vacation. We have a few travel etiquette tips that will not only make you seem like a seasoned traveler, but they will also help keep your stress level to a minimum. So, before you pack up your fashions sarongs and head out, check out these helpful travel tips:

Airport Etiquette

Charging Stations

Have you ever been walking around the airport looking for charging station for your phone only to find that one per

sarongs-for-women-helping-you-dress-for-any-occasion-5.jpgson has his phone, tablet, laptop, and iPod all charging at the same time? Frustrating, right? Please, please do not be this guy! Not only is utilizing the entire charging station for yourself rude, but it also puts others in a stressful situation. Stick with using one plug at a time.


Waiting at the front of the boarding line for your boarding group to be called not only irritates your fellow passengers, but it can also cause delays. It is best to wait in the sitting area or off to the side and head up to line only when your boarding group has been called. This will help things run more smoothly and we promise, you will still get on the plane!

Leaning Your Seat Back

Space is becoming even more limited on airplanes these days. With airlines attempting to fit as many passengers as they can on one plane, there is not much room left for personal space and comfort. So, instead of leaning your set back into someone else’s lap, it is important, as well as polite, to look back and ensure that you are not going to be invading anyone’s space before you do so.

Be sure to keep up with our blog for more travel etiquette tips and suggestions.