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How to Use Mini Sarongs as an Accessory

Fashionistas know that a mini sarong is an essential item in a wardrobe that is on trend. For its easy to wear style and affordability, it is a fashion favorite among women in the know. But, if you are not utilizing your mini sarong as an accessory, you may not be getting the most out this exceptional garment. By implementing a few simple techniques, you can maximize its versatility and step out in style with a gorgeous accessory.

For a quick way to enhance the look of your outfit, add a patterned mini sarong tied at the neck as a scarf. Simply take the tail ends of the sarong and wrap them around your neck from back to front. Secure a loose knot at the sternum. You can adjust the placement of the knot to suit your preference. Wearing the sarong in this way looks great with anything from a basic black dress to cable knit sweater. Be sure to coordinate the colors and patterns with your sarong to ensure a flattering and put together appearance.

If you want to exude professionalism and maturity in the workplace, opt for a mini sarong tied at the shoulder as a shawl. The decorative and interesting pattern will brighten your countenance. Achieve this fashionable look by draping the sarong across your shoulders from left to right. Fasten a knot at the shoulder and let the tail ends hang front and back. Wear it as a statement piece with monotone shirt and slacks or with your favorite power suit. Whichever ways you choose coordinate it, a mini sarong worn as a shawl dresses up any outfit with a punch of pizzazz.

Another way you can draw upon the style of a mini sarong as an accessory is to wear it as a decorative element on your handbag, suitcase, or briefcase. For the globetrotting woman, tie it onto your rolling carry on as a chic way to identify your bag in a sea of similar bags. Tie it onto your purse as a fashionable way to dress up a basic handbag. Untie it to use as a stylish head covering if the weather suddenly turns windy with rain.

If you are interested in all the ways you can use a mini sarong in your daily wardrobe, check out for an extensive amount of resources.