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Mini Sarongs: What You Need to Know About Wearing Them in Winter

In the dead of winter, it can be a tall order to find new and inventive ways to look cute while keeping warm. When all you want to do is retreat to the coziness of sweats by the fireside, reality hits and life must go on. You must brave the frigid elements and set the fashion standard while you do it. Instead of succumbing to the muted color palette and endless array of ordinary winter garments, include a mini sarong into your cold weather wardrobe. It will bring a warmth and chic style to your outfits that will have you looking fresh in the coldest of climates.

To get the most out of a mini sarong in winter, you will want to utilize layers when creating seasonally appropriate outfits. Remember to keep the layers of the outfit cohesive by wearing one bold print or color at a time. The elements of your ensemble will work together to make you look fashionable instead of competing with one another. Other items to have on hand that will be helpful when creating winter looks with mini sarongs are leggings, long sweaters, blazers, and tall boots.

For a look that will bring summer warmth into cold winter days, wear a bright mini sarong tied as a strapless top. Layer it with a fitted long-sleeve shirt in a neutral hue, skinny jeans, and tall boots. Accessorize with a warm hat and long dangle earrings. If your day calls for extended periods outdoors, top it off with a coordinating coat. By pairing the sarong with neutral garments and simple accessories, the focus is placed on the beauty and modern styling of the sarong. It will provide an unexpected contrast against the bleak landscape.

To bring color and attention to your face, wear a mini sarong as a scarf. Instead of tying it in a traditional manner, go with a bandana style. To achieve this look, open the sarong and tie the top two corners behind the neck. This will form a natural drape across the front of the torso that is classy and beautiful. When worn with a cream sweater and jeans, the warmth of the sarong will emphasize the glow of your face.

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