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Best Plus Size Sarong Outfits for Fall

Riding boots, scarves, layers, and earth tones are often synonymous with the fall fashion season. Stylish women look forward to the coming chill in the air so that they can step out in their favorite fall outfits. However, if your treasured plus size sarong gets tucked away at the end of summer and is not in your fall fashion line up, you are greatly missing out. A plus size sarong is no longer just a beach garment. By pairing it with other items in your closet, a sarong wrap can be so much more.

In the same way a sarong wrap helps you make a bold fashion statement during the summer season; a plus size sarong can do just the same during the fall and winter months. All it takes is a measure of forethought and creativity. You will find that the resulting outfits are original, exciting, and all your own. When incorporating a plus size sarong into your fall wardrobe, layering is key. This creates a look that is cohesive, interesting, and comfortable to wear. A simple way to get used to wearing a sarong wrap after Labor Day is to tie it under the arms as a strapless dress. Layer it with a coordinating jacket and knotted scarf.

Color selection is also important when wearing plus size sarongs in your autumn outfits. A sarong wrap in vibrant, rich shades can look incongruent against the earth tones of fall. Opt instead for more muted tones like brown, black, and red. When you wear a brown sarong with a subtle pattern tied at the hip as a skirt, you can add color to your look with a top in a rust tone, khaki jacket, and coordinating jewelry. The resulting outfit looks laid-back, effortless, and completely stylish.

Another way to incorporate a sarong into your fall fashion is to wear it tied at the nape of the neck as a flowing top. When you layer it over coordinating leggings and riding boots, you will exude stylish confidence wherever your day takes you. For more coverage from the crisp autumn air, add a cardigan or light jacket in a coordinating shade.

Expand your horizons when it comes to sarong fashions and you will love how your personal style transforms. has everything you need to learn more.