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How to Tie a Sarong

How to Tie a Sarong – A Simple Guide for Various Styles.
One of the most commonly asked questions by women and men who are just getting into wearing sarongs is, “How do I tie the sarong?” People can become frustrated and voice complaints such as, “I can’t get the fabric to lay flatteringly on my body,” “It is always too bulky around the knot or the waist,” “The knot won’t stay tied,” and “I just can’t get it to stay on.”

Don’t worry! You don’t have to be afraid your wrap will fall off as you’re walking down the street. Tying a sarong is really a very simple task. With the proper instruction it won’t take you long at all to master, and you’ll be wrapping your sarong on and looking fabulous in seconds flat. With a little patience and practice, you can learn a wide variety of wraps that are applicable for different occasions, such as short skirts, long skirts, and elegant dresses. Tying a sarong well will flatter your body, and makes you look and feel great.

Step-by-Step Sarong Tying
Here are some easy-to-follow steps for tying your beautiful new sarong, based on how you want to wear it:
  • Long Skirt: Wrap the fabric around your hips, holding the corners out in front of your body. Pinch the corners together and tie them in a knot. Move the skirt around so that the knot is placed over one hip, and fluff out the ends of the knot so that the right side of the fabric is showing. This skirt will show off your leg as you walk.
  • Long wrap skirt: Holding the wrap horizontally, gather one corner into your hand, leaving a long enough length to tie off later. Wind the rest of the cloth around your hips, bringing the other corner to align with the first. Tie the two lengths together.
  • Triangle skirt: Fold the sarong over to create a triangle. Take the longest side of the triangle and wind it around your waist, tying the corners off at one hip. This creates a sexy short skirt perfect for the beach.
  • Halter dress: Wrap the fabric around your upper back and pull the ends forward, holding them evenly out in front of you. Wrap both sides over the front of your body so that they overlap, keeping a long length of the corners out of the sheath so you can still work with them. Swap the corners into the opposite hands, and tie the two corners in a knot just over your bust. You should still have two lengths of fabric to pull up behind your neck and tie in another knot. You’re finished!
  • Tube dress: Wrap the sarong around your upper back and pull the ends forward, with the top of the fabric close to your armpits. Wrap both sides over the front of your body so that they overlap, and swap the corners into your opposite hands. Wrap the fabric tightly around your body, bringing the two corners together and tying them off in a double knot.
  • Toga dress: Hold the fabric up horizontally, grasping both corners. Tuck one end underneath your arm, leaving a length to tie off, and wind the rest of it all the way around your body. Bring the other corner into alignment with the first, on the other side of your shoulder. Bring the two corner lengths up over your shoulder and tie in a double knot.
  • Head scarf: Simply drape the fabric over your head and tie beneath your chin, or wrap the ends gently beneath your chin and let them drape behind your shoulders.
  • Head wrap, headband or hat band: Fold the fabric into about a 3 inch wide strip. Wrap it around your head or the base of your hat, then tie them off and let the long end lengths flow down your back.
  • If you’re interested in a shorter skirt or dress for any of these styles, simply fold the fabric over to your desired length. Feel free to use safety pins wherever you like! For more assistance and some other ideas on wearing your sarong, click on the images below.

    Tying Devices
    If you still feel you need a little help, or would simply like to add a dash of flair to your sarong, a tying device may help. These little assistants have two holes you can pull the corners of the fabric through and tie off. They hold the fabric tight and prevent big, bulky knots that could come undone.

    Tying devices can be small works of art themselves. There are beautiful varieties available, such as inlaid shell, mother of pearl, engraved coconut and carved wood.

    Be patient and practice tying your sarong. It shouldn’t take you long to become an expert at your favorite styles, and there are many more methods than we covered here. Feel free to experiment and express yourself with your gorgeous, flattering sarong!

    A Wrap for Every Occasion – Extending Your Wardrobe
    When tying your sarong, the first thing you need to do is decide how you want to wear it. One of the simplest, most universal ways is as a skirt. Long skirts are elegant, slenderizing and sophisticated, and can be worn at formal occasions or on the beach as a cover-up to protect from the sun. Knee length skirts are perfect for swimsuit cover-ups, or as a casual feminine look for going out on the town. Mini-skirts work the same way, but show off your legs a little more.

    They can be wrapped on as a dress, tied over the breasts for a long, refined sheath, or tied up around the neck for a different dress style. Draping one around your body and over the shoulder makes for a breezy, beautiful toga look, and they can even be tied up into a loose pair of knee-length pants or shorts.

    Sarongs are perfect for shawls and head wraps, scarves and turbans. They’re even used for home decorating, as beautiful wall hangings, curtains, room separators, tablecloths, or unique covers for a chair or sofa. They’re also so light and comfortable that they make for the perfect travel garment.

    When purchasing a sarong, keep in mind how flexible its use is as a way of adding panache to your wardrobe, and staying trendy. Today, more and more, women are wearing a sarong for many different types of occasions – at work, for dinner at a posh restaurant, on travel, and on the beach of course, to name only a few. The nice thing about sarongs is that their flexibility permits you to do so many things in terms of fashion and appearance.

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