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You’ve already found the perfect sarong. Now, finish your look with some of our beautiful pieces of natural stone jewelry! There’s something for everyone among our fashionable stones jewelry options. Bracelets made out of tumbled gemstones add the perfect touch of color to your sarong. Choose from an assortment of gemstones, including sodalite, tiger eye, goldstone, carnelian, aventurine, amethyst or fluorite.

Balance your body’s energy with our chakra jewelry. Each color stone stands for one of your seven chakras – purple stands for your crown chakra, which represents transcendence; navy blue stands for your third eye chakra, representing spiritual; sky blue stands for your throat chakra, which represents communications; while green stands for the heart chakra, representing love and compassion; yellow is your navel chakra, and represents will power; orange stands for your sacral chakra, representing pleasure; and red is your root chakra, representing fear, security and survival.

Light will reflect a shining prism pendant when it’s hanging on a silver chain, wrapped around your neck. We have various pendants to choose from, but one of the most popular is a moon shaped blue sapphire pendant. You can see all of our beautiful summer jewelry at
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